Financial risk


AlgoDynamix’s pioneering financial risk analytics gives advanced alerts of directional price movements in the market, hours (even days) before they happen. Backed by many years of academic research, our analytics engine has been extensively tested in different sectors and economic cycles, giving you superior insights and proven results.

Get intelligent and crystal clear analysis of the market in an instant

  • Utilises real-time transactional data from markets, thereby eliminating reliance on historical data
  • No reliance on historical data
  • Covers most asset classes including equities, commodities, fixed income, currencies and ESG investments.

Why Do You Need Financial Risk Forecasting Analytics?


Gives unparalleled insight

Our sophisticated machine learning technology is able to uncover anomalies in the market before they manifest into incidents.


Empowers time critical decisions

Since forecasting alerts you hours (sometimes even days) in advance, you can analyse your next strategy in depth before taking action


Scans real-time market data

When faced with unprecedented events, it gives you current perspective of the market instead of historical comparison to nearly identical (but not the same) incidents


Data-based alerts

Free from emotion-driven human bias when making decisions.

“World markets are experiencing an unprecedented period of volatility. The wild daily price swings over the past few weeks have increased anxiety levels of even the most seasoned professional investors. Elevated anxiety levels can lead to fearful, emotion-based trading, which can create a vicious cycle that further increases volatility. The clear, directional forecasting from the AlgoDynamix analytics gives us a data-driven window into how major market participants are behaving. We try to utilize that quantifiable, actionable insight to capitalize on short-term market moves. Data knows no fear.”

Michael Williams

Founder and CIO,
HighGuard and Guardian Opportunity Fund

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