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Above-market investment returns

The award-winning technology from AlgoDynamix provides the insight necessary to achieve above-market investment returns. The risk forecasting analytics software covers equities, commodities and FX. Bespoke and single stock options are available on a case by case basis. Advance warning of movement enables investment professionals to reduce volatility and achieve stronger returns.  Find out more by reading about our product range below:

  • Equities

PI-EQ- forecasts upwards movements in the equity market

RAP-EQ  - forecasts downwards movements in the equity market

  • Commodities

PI-CO- forecasts upwards movements in the equity market

RAP-CO  - forecasts downwards movements in the equity market

Ground-breaking technology

The technology builds on decades of AI research at the University of Cambridge. Using unsupervised machine learning, the AlgoDynamix engine monitors activity within the global financial exchanges.

The customised alerts reveal the unusual activity that precipitates a significant movement in the market.

Complexity removed

Our risk analytics software is extremely easy to implement and deploy, and we require no historic data. Users receive alerts via an email or by logging onto their AlgoDynamix account. Bespoke alert designs are also available. -Introductory training and ongoing support is provided from our in-house team.

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