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Risk forecasting analytics

For brokers who are executing trades over a short time period, advance warning of directional market changes is vital. The risk forecasting analytics developed by AlgoDynamix detect the early signs of a change in the global markets using unsupervised machine learning algorithms and provide a significant advantage allowing brokers to anticipate market movement and improve the timing of their trades.

Gain competitive advantage with AI software

The technology builds on decades of AI research at the University of Cambridge. Using unsupervised machine learning, the AlgoDynamix engine monitors activity within the global financial exchanges.

The customised alerts reveal unusual activity - an indication that a significant upward or downward movement is expected.

Complexity removed

Our risk analytics software is extremely easy to implement and deploy, and we require no historic data. Your company can receive the alerts in a range of ways, with email being the most popular. Ongoing training and support is provided.

The analytics tool is available for all major exchanges, including commodities, equities, currency, fixed income and our newest development, ESG funds.

To learn how the forecasting analytics provide an invaluable tool when executing the right timing for orders, contact us to arrange a demonstration.